This is where it all began for me on December 24, 2011. For years, I have been driving past this tree on the mountainside and I kept telling myself, "Someday....someday I will hike up there and take a picture of the lonely tree, all by itself on the side of the mountain." Well, someday finally came and I decided to hike up there and get my photo. Well, I set out to go around sunset and I when I got back in the hills, I had the good fortune to see the photo here. it was a completely different perspective for me than I had been seeing for years driving by. This was the day that kind of re-ispired me to pursue photography a bit more. Since then. I have developed my craft a bit more, finding the things in life that I find beautiful to capture. To continue to work on my craft, build my business and become a successful photographer. I have so much to learn and continue to learn all the time from my experiences. I have had the good fortune to travel to unique places and capture the beauty that I experience. I find it very interesting how we always say, "someday" and sometimes that day never comes; for one reason or another. I wanted to share with you how making that choice to do what you keep putting off to "Someday" can change your perspective and change the direction of your life; if only just a bit. Sometimes that small bit can make a huge difference. I hope you enjoy the picture and the story behind it. --Aron