Trees, usually standing alone against the world, has seemed to have been my muse for the last two years. As you can see in "Inspiration", I kept finding myself shooting trees. The two here are actually the same tree, same shot, just show on a different day. The first one I had shot with a lens that I was all too happy about. I felt the tree wasn't as sharp I was hoping for. Perhaps it was me, perhaps it was the lens or maybe a bit of both but when I hd the opportunity to shoot this again with a better lens, I took it. I had used a long lens for these photos; a 70-200mm. As you can tell, I was very far away and I was able to still isolate the tree from the sky in a very wide angle. This one is currently hanging on my wall in my room.  I really like the solitary feeling I get from the photo with the tree all by itself against the skyline. Another of my favorite photos--Aron