In the City

Taken from one of my favorite songs by Joe Walsh, "In the City" is another of my favorite pics from Florence, Italy. I was enthralled by the city and how different it was to me compared to where I grew up in the suburbs of Southern California. I found the city to be quite fascinating and remarkable and I wanted to remember what I was experiencing. So often I travel to distant places only to have faint memories of my time there and when I came to Italy for the first time, I really wanted to remember my experiences. This shot was taken as I was adventuring around the city after the rain. I remember stepping out in to the middle of the street in order to get this picture just right and not get run over. Traffic was light and there was a minimal amount of people walking around but just enough to add some life. I did some minor tweaking in Photoshop (or Lightroom) do give the picture a more vintage feel and this is the final photo. I have this one printed quite large in my home and it is one of the photos that I have shot that looks really nice in a larger format. I look forward to one day heading back to Italy for more photos. ---Aron

In the City.jpg