This picture was taken with a fish-eye at sunset near my home. I had been driving down this way quite often and pulled over to see what was on the other side of the barbed wire fence. The first time I went by the location, i was a good boy and didn't hop over the barbed wire fence for fear of getting busted for trespassing. The next time, my desire to get the shot won out and I hopped the fence which is to the right of the trees in the image. To be honest, this is a superimposed photo of two different shots; the first shot was to expose the sky (which darkened the foreground) and the second shot was to expose the foreground (which over-esposed the sky). I should have used a tripod for this shot in order to insure that the images were exact, but I hadn't thought ahead. So, I took both of them hand-held. They were fairly close to the same picture and I was able to meld both pictures into one via the skyline. My idea worked! An idea used many, many times by photographers for sure but, like I said, I hadn't planned out the shot so doing it hand-held was a bit risky. I also brightened the foreground just a bit. I do wish lens produced a sharper image, but it still looks nice. I really love how the fish-eye gave it that "Landwave" feeling. The title was given by my friend from Melbourne, Australia, Ramond Chan. A fitting title for sure. A beautiful early evening. ---Aron