Faye and Tom Christen Engagement Shoot

On April 17, 2014, my clients Faye and Tom Christen and I went out to El Matador beach in Malibu, California for a video shoot for their upcoming wedding teaser. In the process of shooting the video, I just couldn't help myself to capture some still photos of the two of them.

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Mike and Vanessa

I had a wonderful afternoon in Central California shooting my best friend's engagement pics on March 16, 2014. We spent the day at Lincourt Vineyards. Mike and Vanessa were terrific and you can really see how much they really love each other! I was honored to shoot my first engagement photo shoot for them and I thought the photos came out great.

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This photo was taken in a shopping mall in Melbourne, Australia. The mall was built around an historical landmark, the Melbourne Shot Tower, and I found it quite remarkable and interesting.

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Trees, usually standing alone against the world, has seemed to have been my muse for the last two years. As you can see in "Inspiration", I kept finding myself shooting trees. The two here are actually the same tree, same shot, just show on a different day. Click through to read more...

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In the City

Taken from one of my favorite songs by Joe Walsh, "In the City is another of my favorite pics from Florence, Italy. I was enthralled by the city and how different it was to me compared to where I grew up in the suburbs of Southern California. Click through to read more about this photo. 

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This picture was taken with a fish-eye at sunset near my home. I had been driving down this way quite often and pulled over to see what was on the other side of the barbed wire fence. The first time I went by the location, i was a good boy and didn't hop over the barbed wire fence for fear of getting busted for trespassing. Click through to read more....

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This is where it all began for me on December 24, 2011. For years, I have been driving past this tree on the mountainside and I kept telling myself, "Someday....someday I will hike up there and take a picture of the lonely tree, all by itself on the side of the mountain." Well, someday finally came and I decided to hike up there and get my photo. Well, I set out to go around sunset and I when I got back in the hills, I had the good fortune to see the photo here. it was a completely different perspective for me than I had been seeing for years driving by. This was the day that kind of re-ispired me to pursue photography a bit more. Since then. I have developed my craft a bit more, finding the things in life that I find beautiful to capture. To continue to work on my craft, build my business and become a successful photographer. I have so much to learn and continue to learn all the time from my experiences. I have had the good fortune to travel to unique places and capture the beauty that I experience. I find it very interesting how we always say, "someday" and sometimes that day never comes; for one reason or another. I wanted to share with you how making that choice to do what you keep putting off to "Someday" can change your perspective and change the direction of your life; if only just a bit. Sometimes that small bit can make a huge difference. I hope you enjoy the picture and the story behind it. --Aron

Source: http://www.aronscottphotography.com/landscape/

Gods of Boogie

Last weekend I had the opportunity to shoot my friend's band, Gods of Boogie, at a local club. The club is call Paladinos and this photo is the entrance to the club. Check out the blog to learn more about the shoot!

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