Aron Eisenberg

Thank-you for visiting my photography site. I hope you enjoy my art. My background is rooted in acting and most notably, Star Trek; Deep Space Nine where I played the character "Nog" for seven seasons. I have had the good fortune of working as an actor though out my career and lately Ihave expanded my creativity in to photography. My muse has been lone trees for the past two years as I have begun my journey in photography. I seem to be drawn to the beautiful loneliness of the lone standing tree and the surrounding landscape. I have also found myself drawn to the many places I have had the good fur tune to visit through the Star Trek conventions I'm invited to attend. Most notably would be my photos from Italy and Melbourne. I have so much to learn and explore in photography and I invite you along on my journey. Thank-you for visiting my site.

All images by Aron Eisenberg.